About Laci

At the age of 28 I was told by my doctor , my only options to reduce my pain was to have part of my colon removed and live with an external colostemy bag.

I had been living with chronic pain for 5 years after having a complete hysterectomy. The pain got worse, I tried everything from pelvic floor injections 3 times per week to a morphine pump surgically placed in my spine. The result was NO RELIEF and more pain. After traveling the pain management road to a poor/no quality of life, I discovered John F. Barnes Myofascial Release and now live an active ,medication free life.

When I was dealing with chronic pain everyday, I had lost my joy, my freedom!! I was living in a prison in my own body, Myofascial release therapy helped me learn that I can change that, it gave me my joy back.

There is a synergy between the patient and therapist that is unparalleled to any therapy I have ever seen.

I’ve been a massage therapist since 1999 and after going to my 1st John F Barnes Myofascial Release seminar in October,2011 I’ve completely embraced the myofascial release technique and have seen my clients that were stuck in a rut and not getting any better with deep tissue massage, progress leaps and bounds with Myofascial Release.